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Simply Reliable Power is the only Authorized and Certified

FG Wilson Training Center for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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In Simply Reliable Power we’ve built our reputation for dependability on a simple, effective formula:

Right Person + Right Part + Right Tools =

a generator that won’t fail when you need it.


Who’s the right person? A factory-trained professional who knows gensets inside and out.

Someone who knows how to precision-fit every part on your genset to keep it performing at maximum efficiency year after year. Someone who can troubleshoot any problem and have you up and running in no time. But he’s also someone who knows service is as much about pro-active, preventative assistance as it is about fixing problems.

Our experts are courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. They also speak your language. English or Spanish, yes, but we’re also fluent in the “languages” of geography, climate and other unique environmental challenges you face when trying to optimize your genset’s performance.

Whether you’re operating in thin-air at 5,000 meters, providing power in a tropical rainforest, or near a beach where the salty air is working 24/7 to corrode your genset, we have both the theoretical knowledge and “in the field” experience to help – and we’re ready to put it to work for you.

Whatever your challenges, whatever your needs, our experts are just a phone call or a click away.


The training we provide is an essential part of what sets Simply Reliable Power apart from our competitors.

Our training facility contains new technology, genset control panels, and generators in both a training room and practical skills setting.  We often bring in our partners to receive essential training. Our fully equipped team is extremely knowledgeable and will make sure you know everything you need to about operating and maintaining your generator.

In truth, we don’t expect you to share our passion – we just want you to benefit from it, not only when you get your beautiful machine but for the entire life of your genset. That’s where “how we train our specialists” comes in. If our team is anything less than passionate about our gensets, they won’t know them as well as they should, and they won’t care enough to keep them running the way they should run. So when specialists-in-training come from throughout the Caribbean and Latin America to learn more at our Regional Training Center in South Florida, we’re working not only to develop their practical knowledge of our gensets, but to stir their passion for these excellent machines. Classes, led by our factory-trained instructors, run the gamut from “Generator Basics” to sophisticated engine repair, to learning about synchronizing two or more machines to provide a specific load.

Through ongoing training sessions, our service network become expert troubleshooters, learn to meet specific challenges of their home countries and continually upgrade their level of knowledge. Truth is, you probably won’t see our specialists in action too often. That’s because our gensets are easy to operate, smooth running and reliable. Still, it’s good to know that specialists with a passion for your machine have got your back when you need help.

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