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Netbiter EasyConnect is a series of communication gateways that connect to field equipment and enable direct connection to the Netbiter Argos™ data center. Data is sent securely via the mobile phone network (3G or GSM/GPRS) or via Ethernet.

Remote Access is a Netbiter Argos Service which opens up a secure tunnel to a PLC or machine. This enables configuration, programming or debugging of almost any industrial device from any location. You can use your regular PLC configuration software just as you would if you were on site.

The Ultrasonic Tank Sensor is an accessory to the Netbiter remote management solution. It allows you to see the exact content level of your tanks in a regular web browser. You also get immediate alarms if the level is too low or if it drops too fast.


The Netbiter DC Power Monitor is an add-on to the Netbiter remote management solution. It is an easy-to-use and inexpensive solution for monitoring power and temperature in your installation. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications.


Remote monitoring and control with cell phone of FG Wilson P22-6 with DCP10 panel using Netbiter EC250